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added: 13 yrs ago
updated: 12 yrs ago


I personally "love" anime,but there r ppl that don't,so what r they interested in?cuz I ask what else is there 4 me other than anime?does liking anime make u a nerd or a freaky person?cuz in my school I rarely see ppl that like anime?or do they put on an act that they don't like it?what do YOU think of anime?

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added: 13 yrs ago


I love anime ^^ my brother doesn't tho =( he only likes Naruto, he likes playing video games insted. and nope! it doesn't make u a nerd ^^ or a freaky person!!!! I don't go to school cause I homeschool so...-___- ummm some ppl think its embarressing Idk why??? I like everything about it!!!!! ^o^ lol!!!!!!

added: 13 yrs ago


There's nothing wrong with liking anime. But there is something wrong with being into only one thing. What else is there than anime? Well, there's a way to find out. Get up. Get dressed. Turn off the TV and the computer, and walk outside. What do you have around you? Where do you live? In a city? In a suburb? In the country? What are the animals who live where you do (even cities have urban wildlife--racoons, opossums, song birds, falcons, insects...) Learn about those. What plants grow in your area--wild, or as garden varieties? Learn those too. Pets--what do you have? What do friends have? What do you know about how they think? What have you observed? What have you read about them or seen on TV? What are the different races of people in your area and how do they interact? What languages do they speak? It is important to take an interest in the real world...

added: 13 yrs ago


i don't think there is any thing wrong with anime i love it and no i don't think it would make u a nerd or a freaky person 4 liking it and same here in my school u never see kids that like anime. and i don't get y ppl don't like anime either...

added: 13 yrs ago


Thank God! Others who thinl like me! Lol. I Have an older and younger brother and neither of them are too into anime. My older borther thinks I'm a Nerd because I'm so into it, but my little one is into things like Naruto, Avatar, and Dn angel (Things I got him into) But luckily, I have quite a few people at school just like me. We actually have an anime an Manga club that meets every Thursday from 2:00 P.M until %:00 P.M after school. There were about 35-40 people in it, of the ones that could make it. ^_^ The only bad thing was that the seniors took it over and commanded us lowerclass students. BGut I feel so normal and loved there, I don't even mind that much. And, I do believe that anime and Manga are both weird, but who wants to be normal right? There's nothing wrong with being weird, it just means we think originally. And I personally like to compare anime with real life. I'm a big fan of nature and I get inspired easily by it. That's how I've ome so far in writing my book. I was inspired by nature.

added: 13 yrs ago


Hi Chibola and everyone else in here!!! : ) I really do like anime and I don't think it makes you a nerd or weird for liking it. I was a cheerleader and played soccer for 3 years in high school and all of my friends and teamates knew I liked anime and didn't look at me like a nerd( even though they may have thought I was a little looney lol). However, I do agree with CluelessInCa meaning that you life shouldn't be centered around anime and only anime. For example, when I was in high school, one minute I would be talking about my favorite characters in Inuyasha and the next minute I would be talking about our next cheer routine. So its a matter of balancing so you can meet friends that like it and don't like it.

added: 13 yrs ago


I really love animes that led to my son's own addiction to animes & anime video games=) You are never too old to enjoy animes or manga or video games. I believe it brings out your happy side for life and that leads to some stress relieve from everyday life=) zenforlife

added: 13 yrs ago


Very true, CluelessInCA.

added: 13 yrs ago


I like Anime. But some people don`t like it because they are more into American culture(Rock, Fox News, Hannah Montana, Monopoly, ect.). Most people don`t even know what "Anime" is. I personally think that if you like Anime, you are not a nerd or freak. It`s your opinion that you like Anime, but people don`t respect it, because mostly, they are ass holes.

added: 12 yrs ago


I have liked anime for soo many years that i dont even remember when i first watched anime. But i havent met anyone in school or else where who likes anime too or s/he doesnt talk about it either. I dont know why it is soo. For like 5 years when i watched anime every day after school like for 3 or more hours i have learned to understand and speak german (because i watched them on german channel). I really dont know what to do when there wouldnt be anime and anime-like games which i play. I am really happy that there is anime.

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