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""one is not idle because one is absorbed. There is both visible and invisible labor. To contemplate is to toil, to think is to do. The crossed arms work, the clasped hands act. The eyes upturned to Heaven are an act of creation." -Les Miserables"

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Tiaraloveanimesalot875 | Videos (0) | Channels (1) | Favorites (36) |
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i've read the 1st book, the 2nd book, the 3rd book and the 4th book.

Posted 13 years ago

chiibott | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (239) |
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ive heard of evangeline but sadly ive never watched it lol -.- it i guess i cant unless i get veohtv and it doesnt work on my bloody pc

Posted 13 years ago

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May 25


elizabeth, nj

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hmm i'm a pretty normal person: hate school, i'm lazy, hate to cook, don't watch tv, love music, don't practice any kind of sports, sleep for long periods of time (during the day when off) so my mom calls me bear, i suffer of insomnia at night, love snow, love rainy and cloudy days (is high quality to sleep in such days), hate snow and rain together, hate my credit card, love to have long walks, hate to think too much about something, hate to be the center of attention, hate my new manager, hate when i leave an unfinished book, love caffeine, hate energy drinks,hate dieting (tried once), love chocolate!!!!!!!hmmm and physically, i have short hair (cut by myself), i'm fat and wear glasses....that's pretty much me >______O heh!


read maybe..... yes i love manga!!!! i love harry potter too (the books!!! the movies sucked. sorry if u r a fan) i like stephen king, agatha christie's "and then there were none", victor hugo's "les miserables"..... aaahhhh


i don't watch tv. but i love anime, so if something interests me i just buy it, rent it. or look it up here.i love specially anime like samurai 7, rurouni kenshin,evangelion, noir, i love satoshi kon's work: paprika, paranoia agent, tokyo godfathers....


hmmm anything interesting... not a movie fan though


anything but regaeton (regueton whatever) i just hate the thing

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