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"The one who can finally understand"

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CoralineAlgae | Videos (0) | Channels (7) | Favorites (62) |
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Cool! So I'm NOT crazy! O_o Talk about a bitch to figure out. I had to try everything before I finally found that bug. Man! I'm so so it was the same solution for you. If you have a CSS question I'd be glad to help with that, too. Sorry to hear about California's mess but... I'm from Louisiana so... I understand! hahaha Not all that great down here either. Cept the food! Yahoo!!

Posted 12 years ago

CoralineAlgae | Videos (0) | Channels (7) | Favorites (62) |
Friends (134)

You probably have to change something from your 'about me' info or even something like your state. Don't try your CSS until you do that. First try shortening the length of your 'about me info and try to save. If you get a message like "validate-stringLengthTooLong" under something... SHORTEN OR DELETE that line. Could be anything. It was my state for me. Had to put LA instead of Louisiana. Lemme know if it works, k.

Posted 12 years ago

CoralineAlgae | Videos (0) | Channels (7) | Favorites (62) |
Friends (134)

Hey, thanks for the friend request. Gotta say, your anime faves ROCK! Naruto, Lucky Star, Toradora, Family Guy... all some of my faves too. Yeah, and have you played Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution on the Wii?

Posted 12 years ago

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December 24



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YO PPL ;p MY BIRTHDAY REALLY IS ON CHRISTMAS EVE I'M NOT LYING!!! well, im just your average guy I get bored alot, I play sports, football, basketball, WII sports, along with that i like watching anime!anything else? ASK. My AIM is as follows; assultkid


Halo 3, super smash brothers brawl, Call of Duty series, WII sports, any GOOD video games, watchin tv, goin to the mall, hangin with friends, ummm... I also plan to attend California's Comic-Con this summer in San Diego!!! idk much more???


Family Guy, Bleach, Naruto, Lucky Star, Toradora, the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya, and much more!!!


Transformers, Superbad,Hot Fuzz, Star wars (entire trilogy), Role models, Yes man... many, many more


hip- hop R&B rap, T.I., T-Pain, Akon, not listin very many. i like to mix it up a bit...

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