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12 years ago

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10 years ago

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hey! the names tamika. if you like me thats great but if you hate me GET IN LINE!! =D I just moved school and i'm loving my new school it's awsome. I'm a straight forward girl, so if you asked me if you look fat in ur outfit be ready 4 the consiquences!! I'm the kinda girl who can act crazy in publicand people still think i'm cool =D Dont judge me on first inmpressions cuz i'm awful at those. The frst time i meet u ill probly say somthing mean that i didnt think was mean or trip and fall! I'm crazy, I'm stupid, I'm fun, I'm awsome, I'm wierd, I'M INSANE, & i'm full of it. LABEL ME ALL YOU WANT !! (the names u come up with are probly true anywayz) but i bet if you say as many names as you can think of you'll miss 1. the most inportant one, the one that makes all the others ook like garbage, the one that sums it all up. I'M...... TAMIKA!! AND PROUND OF IT!!!!!!!!


I LOVE RUNNING!!!!!!! crosscountry and tracka nd field are my fave!!!! but other then that i can truely say that i suck at everygame that envolves a ball !! yea i no "all sports involve a ball" THATS WHAT THEY ALL SAY !!




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