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"uhhh "

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elsewhere, confounded

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12 years ago

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10 years ago

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im not christian, im ok with them though. i have a pretty good friend langston whos majorly religious plus black but hes very cool and doesnt ever try to tell me how to live. the kind i dont like r those trying to steal womens and gay rights. thats right. abortions good and im bi so tough shit ^^ im 18 looking forward to college looking around for love too. and excitement. i try to be open with everything though i might not have the best patience. and i might be a little arrogant and i judge differently than most people. and some of the most stupid people in the world are really the smartest. i hate the conformist bullshit which bleeds silly throught the walls of highschool. kids r stupid shits and were all mixed up.i get pretty tied of dealing with people who have no character. i love strong and forward people. if you can tell me clearly what you think to my face even if its contradictory to my opinions, ill like you. im a part of amnesty international and


music, science, philosiphy, religion, politics, human rights


anime, daily show, southpark, futurama, perfect hair forever, ifc, bbca world news with mr indian guy(other news just doesnt compare


v for vendetta and the rest i dont feel like recalling but like i've seen a lot of anime so if you want to chat that just message me on a whim


i love music and am into it , its a huge part of my life poetry and violence. but i love stuff of almost every type , despise thoughtless mainstream , i love the fringe and the freaks, im grounded in punk for the most part but i branch out to hip hop ska

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