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johnvideo | Videos (0) | Channels (1) | Favorites (3) |
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I have returned to this site after a years absence .../... Is this site on the way out for good...? Can anyone help here or is it a lost cause writing messages...? I agree with all other comments, it was better the way it was before this stuff up! Do I need to get rid of this site for another 12 months? ... -------------------------- ... That was the question you asked and I do not think waiting another 12 months will do any good - quit now while you're ahead! ... Write me for more...

Posted 10 years ago

0zzyCrowley | Videos (7) | Channels (4) | Favorites (1055) |
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you r u & i am me...and we r okay

Posted 11 years ago

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I am almost of the opinion that filling this space with information won't achieve the desired outcome, however, with my insatiable appetite and propensity for sharing screeds of irrelevant information I will press onwards and try to explain a bit about me. I view the world from my own prospective. I've never defined myself by one thing, I don't define me by my sexuality, I don't define me by the materials I own, I don't define me by how other people think I should be defined. I am me similarly you are you. There are many things that I am keen on in life and sitting here writing this CV is not one of them. I like to be different and need people who can understand that. I do have a strange selection of friends and need others to compliment them. So if you don't like whats been written here about me so far then I suggest you move on to the next CV. Have a good day...


Scrabble, Word builder, Crosswords, Reading, World Affairs, Cooking and eating nice food and the list goes on....


I don't have a television.


Plenty and whatever the mood is at the time.


Classical - Rock - Trance - House - Reggae - Opera - Contemporary - Jazz - Foreign/World - and the list goes on. I will give all music a chance and if I like it then all good and if not then I won't listen to it again.

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