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"I like dragons XD and want a tatto but idk if the job path i want aproves of them lol."

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July 19


New Jersey

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12 years ago

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9 years ago

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Well im sarcastic as hell, to dam tall, like to lift heavy things(IDK WHY), my sense of humor is perverted and wacked(I get it from my mother lol) so if i joke and hurt or affended you please tell me XD, i like to talk alot if that helps anyone lol, i like hearing others stories and about themselves, i do talk alot but mostly nonsense lol and i would rather hear someone else talk then me :) And i have somewhat of insomnia and dont sleep sometimes for a few days but i always make myself busy even if its cleaning lmfao but hey its something to do then just stare at the dam sealing all night just wondering those lame ass "what ifs"


Well i dont like to lie but girls XD and yeah that sounded way perverted and stupid or childish but what ever the box said interests so i said one of mine lol other includes well being of others, how they feel, if im able to help them in anyway


Ummm...i watch it but what the hell do they wanna know shows i watch and stuff..well adult swim of course and other stuff but i dont feel like listing it XD and not that its a big list either.


Im a movie freak and so is my family so i would have no idea but i kinda like scary movies and actions(and of course im a guy XD) And i laugh because i got my mother and step dad to like anime alot to and i do like anime


CLASSIC,rock,punk,hardcore, idc its music and if the beats good ill listen but that scremo stuff kinda pisses me off i meen the beat and all in the back is nice but no singing talent like the oldies XD and i maybe young but i love that oldie stuff to lol

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