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"Pearls before swine..."

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yo thats was a funny video about robot chicken/star wars. lets be friends

Posted 13 years ago

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Well, really, where does one begin? I find that I dislike saying much unless I’ve something noteworthy to add. Which is, self evidently, most of the time. As for the question, ‘Who am I?’ That's a frightfully forward question, so I shall pass on that. My personality? Well, not so forward a question, but I’m in the same boat. How I spend my time? Thinking - delving in my labyrinth of thoughts. In general, I like to spend my time well. And well can mean different things for me, as my tempestuous moods dictates. That's why I prefer lone sports to team types. Give me a set of skis or a sword and I'll take no prisoners. I may not be a total expert at any of them, but hell, I know how to have a great time. I mean - what guy wouldn’t have fun with a weapon of sorts in his hand, be it biological. Between stagnancies, I’d quite frankly, prefer to write a short history of self-flagellation and its merits. I think that's enough for this bit. Enough said - into the surreal minutes of this reality. Over 'n' outtt!


I enjoy sleek peripherals, investment bites, gadfly columnist, NWO exposure, PGA editorials, Gonzo journalism, freakin' hot auto, sizzling vixen nymphs, military tech hardware, Spec-ops gadgets, music/critics' review… (Not necessarily in that order)


Lonely planet series, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, History Channel, The Colbert Report, The Lottery Channel - doh!!!


2001 A Space Odyssey, Il Postino, Deer Hunter, Apocalypse Now, La Dolce Vita, Taxi Driver, Das Boot, The Pianist, Cinema Paradiso, Ronin, Amadeus, Malena, Amarcord, Brazil, The Godfather, Schindler's List, Blade Runner, The Piano, The Legend of 1900, etc.


All Jazz genres, except fusion/funk on the low. Classical breadth goes from early Baroque to contemporary avant-garde. Retro oldies, old skool, pops 80's, foreign music, hard rock, heavy metal, film soundtracks, new age, ambient lounge. (No rap/hip hop!)

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