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HYPNoBRECKY | Videos (0) | Channels (5) | Favorites (323) |
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Posted 12 years ago

HYPNoBRECKY | Videos (0) | Channels (5) | Favorites (323) |
Friends (106)

Yep, my divorce is sruel and tortuous. So, I ws on ABox for about the month of January & got something like Member of the Month award @ABC, but then the ex went back to making my life utterly unbearable, so if this is ever over, I'll be back to ABC, Kyran! I'm taking the ex to trial on June 8th... Then maybe there will be peace in my life. See yas, Kyran!

Posted 12 years ago

HYPNoBRECKY | Videos (0) | Channels (5) | Favorites (323) |
Friends (106)

Dude! I mressed up the instructions: Copy and Paste that piece of code #veohPage { background: transparent; } I saved all your old code in case you need it if something accidentally gets deleted.

Posted 12 years ago

HYPNoBRECKY | Videos (0) | Channels (5) | Favorites (323) |
Friends (106)

Hi, Kyran! Are you able to post on veoh again? give it a try, please! If you can access this, Click the green button"Settings" then Click"Customize" #veohPage { background: transparent; } Then click "Save Changes" to see if it gets rid of your white page so you can see your big background again!

Posted 12 years ago

HYPNoBRECKYFolksBlues | Videos (0) | Channels (3) | Favorites (162) |
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Thanks, Kyran, for the nice words! I didn't want to post back on that thread since other people will see ya posted if I stay off that thread for awhile! I'm glad you are one of those people who is working hard @ one's studies just as pf is! Keep up the awesome work for the sake of good grades and an awesome future! Hope you are having an enjoyable month of April, Kyran! Laters!

Posted 13 years ago

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Common college student who always bustled around work and study,have a bad time management due to the irregular time schedule.Extremely revere to those who have great leadership and valorful prestige...


Devil May Cry(My username?Supposingly?Impressed by the moral revelations of the storyline),anime(Sadly,on the contrary.Hey,cut me some slack.I'm trying to work up a suitable taste here.),chocolate junkie,intervalic daydreaming,reading random articles...


(When i used to have tv)24,Chuck,CSI New York/Miami,Myth Buster,Future Weapons and some really off-axis programs...I'll just keep switching channels untill i found something that i like.The response variable is mostly depending on mood...


I'd admit that LOTR trilogy is a fine film,barely pay notice to the box office news.But caught up some wind about the release of Max Paine movie and the next sequel the Terminator.When it comes to movie,i couldn't have found a better 2 hours to waste.


Anime and in-game soundtracks.Mostly Japanese vocal-悲しみのキズ(kanashimi no kizu/Kiss of Sadness),あいぞめ(aizome/Indigo Dye),Why (By-絢香/Ayaka).Some Latin chorals and orchestral are right up to the alley as well...(Like "Liberi Fatali" from FF VIII)

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