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"squeeezeeeeooossshhh me"

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December 21



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14 years ago

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3 months ago

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i try to be as ridiculous as possible at all times. the people I get along with most are people who are like me, so here is a brief synopsis of my most important characterists: i'm obsessed with milk, i've never once used the word "holla," i'd rather hang out with my closest friends than go to a huge anonymous party and wake up next to a sweaty frat guy named "Schmitty" or "J-Dawg", girls who can pull off wearing a baseball hat automatically gain 16 hotness points, i'd rather swallow my own face than talk about cars, but i love suvs. i never grew out of the "i don't like vegetables" phase of my childhood, i believe that there are really amazing songs in absolutely every genre of just have to take the time to pay attention and find them, i cannot stand people that are rude to anyone, contrary to what i might tell you, i have trouble going anywhere without a carefully thought-out plan, i get way too excited about traveling, if i like you, i guarantee it will be based mainly on your sense of humor, i don't have a spleen or an appendix (seriously...) i overanalyze everything, i'll add more things as i think of them. thanks so much for visiting my profile!!! i love you.


im learning guitar, and i love music. i think i will start my first video blog... what's wrong with the music category, i wanted to add more bands, and it got stuck at jack johnson, i'm only halfway through...


i don't watch television. but i download shows or get the dvds. i like to watch the oc, nip/tuck, sex and the city, the amazing race, the simple life, laguna beach, six feet under, friends, 8th & ocean, i will add more as i think of them.


easier to ask what i haven't watch. i think the last movie i watched was x-men


50 cent, athlete, belle & sebastian, bloc party, brand new, bright eyes, ciara, coldplay, copeland, damien rice, dashboard confessional, death cab for cutie, early november, embrace, falloutboy, franz ferdinand, futureheads, greenday, interpol, jack johns

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