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12 years ago

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10 years ago

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To Everyone: I'm so frustrated, because of the fake uploaders and posers now a days.. It's pissing me of that there are people who are downloading my uploads or re-linking them on other websites and calling it their own uploads..


Its really pissing me off.. Dahil pinag hihirapan at pinag pupuyatan ko mga uploads ko tapos ganito lang gagawin nyo?? Ang kakapal talaga ng mga muhka ninyo..


And I just recently found out that there are people imitating me as "Charmmy" on other websites as well.. Shyt kayo!! I will no longer be uploading here on VEOH.. You can thank those stupid fakes and posers..


You fakes and posers just ruined it for everybody else!! I hope you fakes & posers are happy now!!


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