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"I just wanna Die"

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ShadowNova | Videos (8) | Channels (1)

Uh, Thanks?

Posted 12 years ago

ShadowNova | Videos (8) | Channels (1)

Thanks. I like it too. ^^

Posted 12 years ago

karlkingdom | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (91) |
Friends (466)

nice pic and bg wanna be friends tell me

Posted 12 years ago

ShadowNova | Videos (8) | Channels (1)

What what now? Uh, I comment u when I have a reason too. Nothing is wrong. And you know my Pc is down. sO wHy saY somethin like that? And thanks for the commpiment on my code. I like it too.

Posted 12 years ago

ZinedineAlex | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (27) |
Friends (156)

ok, i do not assume anymore, im sorry for what i said! sorry!

Posted 13 years ago

blackwingedangel4not...’s Details

July 9


greenday, maryland

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13 years ago

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12 years ago

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Darkness comes before Dawn... love comes before sight... death is all around the world... but it all stops at one end. When u want something u don't always get it, i learned it from a friend of mine... The world will end at one point. You can not stop the truth. Once u figured it all out, ur lost in the world... u wont know what to do next...........i always thought that hate is love and love is hate. Hate to me means the same as love. i say this because u may NEVER say u hate someone without loving them. Nobody hates u as long as u live. Ur heart tells the truth... and it beats every minute u find love. your heart is in control of u... it fills up with love. Dont forget that. no matter how many times someone says they hate u, they'll feel guilty sooner or later and they will stroll back to u... that means that they still love u. and they cannot resist the feeling of love for u. They will continue to love until death comes. Everybody lives a difficult life, u are not the only one


the devil, games, computer, walking, sleepin, BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG, music, love, artwork, the angels with black, fantasy, anime (of course) And a guy name Tim.. he always is there for me..and i am glad....much much love for him...wish i could tell more


usa, adult swim, family guy, sci-fi, the simpsons, tnt, comedy, some naruto, anything anime is wut i love, spike, lifetime, and i love mature channels.


scary, funny, action!!!!


Greenday, linkin park, breaking benjamin, dragon force, slipknot, all that remains, lamb of god, good charlotte, atreyu, skillet, devil may cry, children of bodom, killswitch, disturbed, trivium, shadowfalls,so its rock, i love techno, and metal, lots mor

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