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Shootnstar | Videos (0) | Channels (1) | Favorites (36) |
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thankz for the add,if you would like to know bout sum kool anime just ask or stop by and check out my favs or channel enjoy, L8r...

Posted 12 years ago

mjmegaplay | Videos (15) | Channels (1) | Favorites (100) |
Friends (215)

Sorry for the late reply. If you want me to send you a standard CSS encode with instructions on how to use, just give the thumbs up. If not, you can send me your username and password through PM and I'll get right on it for ya, but I'll still send you instructions on how to use it.

Posted 12 years ago

mjmegaplay | Videos (15) | Channels (1) | Favorites (100) |
Friends (215)

Long time not talk, eh Sophia. I hope the anime hunting is going well for you. Its been quite a while hasn't it. I'm going through my whole friend list deleting users whose accounts have been closed. I'm dearly sorry I haven't kept it touch. If its any consolation, I talk to very few on veoh. If you ever wish talk some time, don't hesitate to throw me a comment or pm. I always respond back to whoever messages me. By the way, if you need help with your CSS programming (background and special effects for your profile), you can always ask me. I can send you a standard coding with directions on how to use it, or if you feel comfortable enough, i can do your profile for you (I'll still send the standard coding of course ;-) Till next time

Posted 12 years ago

mjmegaplay | Videos (15) | Channels (1) | Favorites (100) |
Friends (215)

YOU'RE IT!! YOU HAVE BEEN CONSIDERED ONE OF MY SWEETEST FRIENDS ON MY LIST ONCE YOU HAVE BEEN TAGGED YOU HAVE TO TAG 10 OF YOUR SWEETEST FRIENDS AND LET THEM KNOW THEY ARE SWEET X.X.X Send this heart 2 at least 15 ppl including me if u care 4 me! and if u get at least 10 back you will get good newz within 15 Min! Let's see how many hearts you get! All the best plz do! ____♥♥♥_____♥♥♥___ __♥_____♥_♥_____♥__ __♥______♥______♥__ ___♥_____ii_____♥___ _____♥________♥____ _______♥____♥______ __________♥________ ____♥♥♥_____♥♥♥___ __♥_____♥_♥_____♥__ __♥______♥______♥__ ___♥____Luff____♥__ _____♥________♥____ _______♥____♥______ __________♥________ ____♥♥♥_____♥♥♥___ __♥_____♥_♥_____♥__ __♥______♥______♥__ ___♥____Yhoo ___♥__ _____♥________♥____ _______♥____♥______ __________♥________ FAKE FRIENDS: Will ignore this REAL FRIENDS: Will send it back luv u!! I've had 10 of these last year, man, i hate chains lol

Posted 13 years ago

mjmegaplay | Videos (15) | Channels (1) | Favorites (100) |
Friends (215)

howdy. I've been getting quite a few requests about what good romance/action animes to watch from friends on veoh. So thus i went out and added every anime series i've ever watched (or at least most) into my favorites (all first episodes). So now i'm browsin around to tell the good news and thus shut you all up. LOL just kidding! Don't take it so seriously ;-).. then again it will get you guys off my back ;-) So if your lookin for any great animes to watch, come check out my favorites. I'm still adding to it and aslo thee be WARNED, many of them are 18+.

Posted 13 years ago

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sophia is my name. i come on veoh because...i love watchin anime & manga on here veoh saves my lifeeee I have too many FAV. anime too say becos basicallyy...its going to be a very long time writing it lols.


love romance/fantasy/action anime& manga's becos their greaatt & sometimes make mecry ''sniff sniff'' well hope you enjoyed my page & dont be afraid to add me i dont biteee. message me if you really know any gurd anime or mangas




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