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"Sakura& I are quite alike we've both dealed with hardship but that hardship has made us strong we are no longer weak.But what makes us really strong is that we are able to smile even after all weve been through.Yet deep down we are still crying."

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ProxyGirl | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (44) |
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hey!!oh ye and u sound rely dwn 2 earth!!tanx 4 da invite ^^,!

Posted 13 years ago

angel-of-hardship | Videos (0) | Channels (0) | Favorites (1) |
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well im new here and however exepts my friend request......thanx....XP

Posted 13 years ago

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don't know, do u know

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13 years ago

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13 years ago

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I don't now i anime and mangas i like shakespere,reciting some famous quotes i have a liitel sis a huge family.I like playin sports=basketball,runnin,....idk i may get into more sports like swimin,volleyball & maybe soccer 2.And well my lifes kinda sad thats y i picked the user name angel-of-hardship(duh). But besides that i do like hangin out with friends=talkin on the phone or shoppin.I have a pet fish & 3 dogs(golden retrievers)And believe it or not i want alot of friends.(better 2 have some1 instead of no1)so if ya wana b friends send me an invite.........and yeah.


Like i said anime,mangas,being on the computer,listening 2 music, messin with my sis and contemplating life(lol jk on that 1 XP)Hangin out with friends readin a good book. (by~Shakespere,Edgar Allen Poe or others.Call me weird if ya want i dont realy care


don't really watch it unless my little sis makes me watch some retarded baby show!!!(argghhhh) but mainly playin outside,readin,or sigh doin homework. XP Oh and i guess im also on the computer but watever.


ummmm.......Idk......Spirted Away,Grave of the Fireflies,All of the Inuyasha Movies(cept i haven't seen #4 yet but all the others r good^_^)ummm.....All of the sailor moon vids,4 a while i liked 2 watch Hercule Poriot(famous detective~Agatha Christi)


Well pretty much anything on the radio,has 2 be upbeat,no country.Mainly rock and Japanesse songs r nice 2 even though i don't know a word their sayin. T_T but its all they say XP

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