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Posted 13 years ago

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Eriizabeto Stocking

September 17


Camamesa, Bethonia

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13 years ago

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12 years ago

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Wah! You must be really bored to come here, ne? ^_^ I most likely have nothing to do with you, but I'll describe myself for you, if you wish! Okay-- picture this: a young girl, about sixteen years of age, surrounded by friends. The latters are fascinated by her incredible physique. Her long, wavy, reddish-brown hair bounces every times she laughs, flashing her perfectly white smile. Her hundreds of friends remain hanging on her every word. She even smells nice. Okay. Can you picture it? That's not me. Like, no. That's my sexy alter-ego, Roxanne, who makes her debut today and will henceforth never appear again. Okay, look /past/ her. In the corner. Yeah, that girl over there trying to draw in her sketchbook? She's probably sneezing. She's wearing either the hitai-ate Naruto headband, or the grey Fruits Basket hat of Yuki-san. Her hair, also curly, long, and reddish-brown, hangs in unruly puffs about her face. Glancing about, she hides behind a plant. That's me. Beto.


Ah, manga an' anime. (Why else would I be here?!) I actually joined this website when my buddy Ma-chan sent me a link to an anime, telling me, "It's like Sailor Moon! ...Only better!" And thus, my introduction into Tokyo Mew Mew. :D;;


Oh, TV. It controls my very being. (Warning: the preceding sentence was a lie.) I /like/ TV, like House MD and The Office, but the writer's strike hates me. I now live on Judge Judy and What Not To Wear.


Don't expect Beto to say, 'Harry Potter,' because she cries every time a new movie comes out. Did you even read the books? Do you even know how superior to the movies they are? Oh, lordy. My head. ;-; ... I like "Memoirs of a Geisha." 8D


Oh! Oh! Oh-oh, oh! :D... Green Day. *flail* I also spend my time listening to My Chemical Romance and anime themes. 8D;; Doki-doki sasete ne...

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