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"Enjoy the life thinking on the future... "Carpe diem". "

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Que viva la Nación de Cataluña... Amigos por siempre... Arriba Barcelona F.C. hehehe :P

Posted 13 years ago

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March 22


Barcelona, CataluNYa

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13 years ago

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13 years ago

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WARNING!!! ***DONT READ THAT CAN BE BORING*** What more ? ... long live to CATALUNYA !!!! Makes we FREE from spain ...But... I got firends in spain an Andaluzia Gtos a Realli good sun... better forgot what i alredy tell us . maybe u are thinkin im Crazzy maybe u got reason i'm Talking about poltic in Veoh ... Why Not ? ... Yes for evorion whom not knows Spain is a Broing thing i hate alle kinds of boooooorings things better i make a ocment about dont read these . Yes u already readed it ... If soemones answer to me why i ded that maybe can found somthing more maybe in a lilte bug can be the really mean of the life and in a question can give you the higest knlowement ... How Strange Is the Life !!! Wow i think i write so much and u are gting borring but if u read all these and u think somthing liek these or the opsate of what i allready writed.Talk which me !!!


A lot of things ...


Family Guy , Se lo que izisteis..., The Simpsons , Futurama , House , Bones , losts (English need a plruar for the words (thats is not any Telvison thing(is my opinion(i Can think thigs and write it !(U think that is stryckli for the TV?)))) ,


Resident Evil All , Nighmare befor cristmas, Every dark things who lets em see the shining of the life ... and ... The Light who advert me of the darkness...


Half all things of musics exepts Reggeaton and rap but i Love The "rumba" Like Melndi ,estopa but a lot fo things more ...

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