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  • Real Hero
    Real Hero

    More than the Superman character, Christopher Reeves was a real hero.

  • Sin City - Rats
    Sin City - Rats

    Frank Miller himself has declared that he liked this short based on one of his stories on the Sin City unive...

  • Rambo Vs. Commando
    Rambo Vs. Commando

    Who will survive this one?

  • John Rambo Hot Shot!
    John Rambo Hot Shot!

    It's like we are getting back in time! There's a Bush as a president, a Gulf war, and John Rambo is back! ...

  • A Question of Fate
    A Question of Fate

    The Question goes to Dr. Fate rescue, in the second part of "Dr. Fate and the Crawling Chaos".

  • It's Raining 300 Men
    It's Raining 300 Men

    Hallelujah! A little 300 musical.

  • The Punisher
    The Punisher

    He punishes every one, including the good guys, like Wolverine!

  • I'm Power Girl, Dammit!
    I'm Power Girl, Dammit!

    When Superman Bizarro calls her "Boobie Girl", comedy ensues...

  • Mission Zero
    Mission Zero

    Uma Thurman tries to escape in a Lamborghini from the bad guys who want to kill her (For her bad acting?).

  • The Call
    The Call

    John Malkovich is an Exorcist trying to summon a demon (Naomi Campbell) out of a possessed TVR.


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