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  • 00:46
    Smithsonian Spotlight: Space: The Last 50 Years - Spotlight on the Last 50 Years in Space

    Curator Roger Launius recalls his favorite memory of space flight.

    • Aired: 04/25/2013
    • Views: 241
    • By: CBS
  • 01:09
    Asteroid Trackers - Asteroid Trackers: Sneak Peek

    A giant asteroid is hurtling toward Earth! Do you think this claim sounds like a piece of science fiction? The chance might be one in a billion but that's enough to keep some scientists looking to the more »

    • Aired: 04/25/2013
    • Views: 463
    • By: CBS
  • 01:48
    Space Shuttle: Final Countdown - A Personal Tour of the Space Shuttle

    From the cockpit to the toilets, astronaut Mike Foale gives us a tour of the shuttle and the inside scoop about life on board.

    • Aired: 04/25/2013
    • Views: 679
    • By: CBS
  • 01:26
    21st Century Elephant - Raising a Baby Elephant

    With poor eyesight and bad coordination, baby elephants can be a handful - but with help from their families and at least six months of practice, they eventually get a handle on maneuvering their trun more »

    • Aired: 04/17/2013
    • Views: 782
    • By: CBS
  • 02:10
    Seed Hunter - Seed Hunter: Sneak Peek

    In the future, plants will need to withstand environmental extremes, and scientists are busy searching for the world's most resilient seeds to provide the blueprint for the super plants of the future.

    • Aired: 04/17/2013
    • Views: 442
    • By: CBS
  • 02:52
    Mission Critical: Amphibian Rescue - A Possible Cure or Biological Warfare?

    Introducing another fungus into the jungle may be the only way to stop the deadly chytrid fungus from wiping out entire species of frogs.

    • Aired: 04/17/2013
    • Views: 338
    • By: CBS
  • 02:14
    Mission Critical: Amphibian Rescue - Race to Save a Species

    To save a species from extinction, scientists scour the Panamanian jungle for the few remaining frogs. But will they be too late?

    • Aired: 04/17/2013
    • Views: 558
    • By: CBS
  • 02:10
    Mission Critical: Amphibian Rescue - The Amphibian Typhoid Mary

    The chytrid fungus that threatens to wipe out all amphibian species may have been introduced into the wild when one species of frog, used to make birth control tests, was released back into the wild.

    • Aired: 04/17/2013
    • Views: 459
    • By: CBS
  • 02:26
    Blood River Crossing - Nature's Ultimate Ambush

    When thousands of wildebeest and zebras make their way across the Mara River, it's a feeding frenzy for the river's ravenous crocodiles.

    • Aired: 04/07/2020
    • Views: 276
    • By: CBS
  • 01:10
    L.A. Frock Stars - Meet the L.A. Frock Stars: Sarah

    From classic movies to punk rock, Sarah's fashion inspiration is as eclectic and extensive as her knowledge of the vintage business.

    • Aired: 11/11/2020
    • Views: 784
    • By: CBS

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