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Bruce Willis came to town recently to talk about his vodka company, Sobieski (he is the partner-spokesperson), and we thought that it would be a good chance to get him to share some drink ideas. We were given six minutes to ask him some questions.

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  • 01:20
    Leftover Candy Canes

    After the holidays, you may be left with a ton of extra candy canes. Here are some tips to put them to good use.

    • Aired: 12/20/2013
    • Views: 994
    • By: Chow
  • 01:37
    4 Quick Desserts to Make in Your Waffle Maker

    Your waffle maker doesn't have to just sit around collecting dust between brunch dates—you can use it to make dessert! In this CHOW Tip, Suzy Brannon of shares four recipes for quick, unique ... more »

    • Aired: 07/26/2013
    • Views: 942
    • By: Chow
  • 03:29
    Taco Bell's Smothered Burrito

    Taco Bell gently accentuates the fresh, natural flavor of its new burrito by smothering it in red sauce, sour cream, and "loads of melted cheeses.

    • Aired: 07/26/2013
    • Views: 814
    • By: Chow
  • 03:31
    The Return of Twinkies vs. Twinkies Clones

    Hostess Twinkies are back, but they've got new competition, including Submarinos by Marinela/Bimbo Bakeries and Sara Lee Golden Crème Cakes. Plus, the Little Debbie standby, Cloud Cakes.

    • Aired: 07/24/2013
    • Views: 911
    • By: Chow
  • 02:02
    The Proper Way to Store Food in Your Fridge

    Putting away the groceries may seem like a no-brainer, but storing everything correctly in the fridge can help your food stay fresher. In this CHOW Tip, Suzy Brannon of gives you the lowdown ... more »

    • Aired: 07/19/2013
    • Views: 722
    • By: Chow
  • 02:55
    Lay's Stax Que Rico Adobadas vs. Pringles Baked Crispy Stix

    Two new products from the Goodies Co. club suggest a natural throwdown: Lay's Stax Que Rico Adobadas and Pringles Baked Crispy Stix. Stax vs. Stix!

    • Aired: 07/22/2013
    • Views: 989
    • By: Chow
  • 02:13
    Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Mac & Cheese

    Pepperidge Farm expands its weird, amorphous, ever-growing empire with a straight-outta-the-box entrée: Goldfish crackers–themed macaroni and cheese.

    • Aired: 07/19/2013
    • Views: 930
    • By: Chow
  • 02:17
    The Best Way to Load Your Dishwasher

    A dishwasher is supposed to make your life easier, but most people don't know the best way to load one. Deborah Lewis of explains how to arrange your dishes so that everything gets clean whil more »

    • Aired: 07/13/2013
    • Views: 204
    • By: Chow
  • 02:19
    Ruffles Crispy Fries

    Frito-Lay and Ruffles promise to render obsolete the question "Chips or fries?" with their new Crispy Fries potato strips.

    • Aired: 07/15/2013
    • Views: 139
    • By: Chow
  • 02:46
    Hanson and Mustang Brewing's mmmhops Beer

    No-longer-boys band Hanson teams up with Mustang Brewing to create a hoplicious beer aimed at providing tornado relief for Oklahomans called, of course, Mmmhops.

    • Aired: 07/12/2013
    • Views: 157
    • By: Chow

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