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Convicted in her boyfriend's death, but contending she was a domestic violence victim, Sharron Richardson gets help to get her life back in order after being released from New York's Bedford Correctional Facility.

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  • 02:01
    Graveyard Press Conference

    Sheriff Tom Dart and Reverend Jesse Jaskson hold a press conference at Burr Oak cemetery in Illinois. This week authorities discovered that bodies had been removed and dumped in mass graves.

    • Aired: 07/10/2009
    • Views: 200
    • By: CBS
  • 00:54
    14-Year-Old Driver Chased

    A 14-year-old Michigan teen stole his dad's SUV and went for a joyride. When he made an illegal left-hand turn, Police tried to pull him over. Instead, he sped up, reaching speeds of 110 mph.

    • Aired: 07/09/2009
    • Views: 706
    • By: CBS
  • 01:20
    Child's Dead Body Moved

    A man and his wife were arrested for unlawfully moving a dead girl's body in Mont. Police claim that as the two moved from state to state they took the body with them. It is unknown how the girl died.

    • Aired: 07/08/2009
    • Views: 588
    • By: CBS
  • 01:43
    Innocent Men Finally Released

    Marvin Reese and Ronald Kitchen were released from prison in Chicago Tuesday after serving 21 years for a murder they did not commit. Kitchen says a police officer beat a confession out of him.

    • Aired: 07/08/2009
    • Views: 358
    • By: CBS
  • 01:37
    Prisoners Saw Bars to Escape

    Four prisoners escaped from a La. jail using hacksaws that were smuggled into the jail in the spines of bibles. The prisoners escaped by sawing through window bars, but were apprehended within hours.

    • Aired: 07/08/2009
    • Views: 258
    • By: CBS
  • 04:09
    Dangerous Liasons

    Tracey Humphreywas about to go on trial for assaulting his ex- girlfriend when he married Ashley Laney, a young girl just out of high school. The next day, Rozzo was shot eight times and killed.

    • Aired: 07/07/2009
    • Views: 1485
    • By: CBS
  • 01:32
    High Speed Chase in Houston

    High speed Houston police chase ended in death-defying drama as the suspect jumped from the roof of a parking garage.

    • Aired: 07/07/2009
    • Views: 376
    • By: CBS
  • 02:40
    Wife Found Dead in Bathtub

    Jerry Jones calls 911 after seeing an intruder and finding his wife in the bathtub with multiple stab wounds. He was convicted of killing her, and after two unsuccessful retrials was paroled in 2009.

    • Aired: 07/06/2009
    • Views: 334
    • By: CBS
  • 01:41
    911 Abuse: Cows On The Loose

    In Dodge County, Wis., a woman calls 911 because her cows wandered into a pasture. The dispatcher informs the woman that her situation is not an emergency, and the woman begins shouting.

    • Aired: 07/06/2009
    • Views: 496
    • By: CBS
  • 01:27
    Baby Born, And Left, In Toilet

    After a woman gave birth in a portable toilet, she abandoned her baby by placing it inside the toilet and wandering off. Construction crews witnessed the event and called 911.

    • Aired: 07/02/2009
    • Views: 876
    • By: CBS

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