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HEY,OVER HERE!!! This group is all about anime and music!!Cause we all know anime and music goes great together!!!So please join!!^^

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added: 12 yrs ago
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I say anime is more serious than cartoons, but my moms bf says that anime is spongebob and stuff like that. I said NO THAT IS NOT ANIME! My mom said that anime is the original japanese animes from japan. i said the ORIGINAL anime was from japan. Just cause its not from japan doesnt mean its fake. ie the avatar:last airbender. So who you guys agree with; My mom, my moms bf, or my bro and I?

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added: 12 yrs ago


animation is a Japanese term, in america we say cartoon. , America didn't even know what the word is untill animation from japan started to become popular in america. I agree with you and your bro. anime has a more serious plot line than cartoons. although I do like loony toons

added: 12 yrs ago


i agree with u & ur bro!! i think cartoons and anime are different!

added: 12 yrs ago


well I think that Anime is Like a replacement for the most awsome book ever created and maybe way better! cartoons are usually funny or just what kids watch when they turn on the tv... Anime is deffinetly like a more intresting, Compeling, Complex, Sexy, Detailed, Serious- (and even has a way better genre than a-) Cartoon the only thing is that Its Just NOT a cartoon, Anime (Iz like an infinite number of times Better!!!...) But just like the word cartoon Anime Never ends there are always more storys to be told and Anime always either leaves you in tears, makes you go Crazy (School Days, i was traumatized...) or makes you want to watch a different Anime so you wont be SAD that one of your FAV shows Had just ended and wont eva come back!! But thats not me cause i got Zero no Tsukaima (Totaly awsome and hasnt ended!!!) soooo i agree with NinjaFan!!! Chii... Anyone else have an Anwser???

added: 12 yrs ago


well to me anime is short for animation which makes sense but it's not just cartoons about fantasy and stuff like that. it uses more real life situations and things a lot fo people experience. Some animes are sad but also talk about fantasy like air tv and a lot of others can be true but some are just plain comedy and thats all right but it shows much more valuable lessons then ones we have like spongebob and stuff

added: 12 yrs ago


Anime is like watching a normal T.V show in Japan. Like our normal shows are real actors and actresses, Japan's is like even adults watch anime regulary ★XD★ (which is awesome). Cartoon is only for kids if it was a cartoon with an adult or teen theme that's considered anime because Cartoon is made for kids ★^^★. Also Cartoon is animation and Anime is Japanese animation, so they are made with way different technology. Usually Anime is a manga and Cartoon like Chowder or The Grim Reeper isn't based on a book ★. The Avatar Last Air Bander was a book first so it's an anime ★=D★ It's long and boring but I hope it will help ★^-^★!!

added: 12 yrs ago


I am going to have to agree with you and your bro.

added: 12 yrs ago


ur mom's bf is stupid, in this case at least

added: 12 yrs ago


I agree with you and your bro

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