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Animation Videos: Most Members in Groups for All Time

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  • Hayao Miyazaki & Other Anime

    Hayao Miyazaki & Other Anime

    Manager: manonfire7782

    to new members please this is a kid friendly group so NO sexual or violent material ok? So then........ go crazy & Thank you.

    • Created: 11 years ago
    • Updated: 1 year ago
    • Videos: 108
    • Members: 177
    • Discussions: 25
  • Anime Watcherz+Drawerz

    Anime Watcherz+Drawerz

    Manager: kikenkosei

    CIAOSSU!! In here u can put all the vidzz..any kinda is ACCEPTABLE..ANY EPISODE OF ANIME, SHONEN, SHOJO, YURI, YAOI N AMV...^^ U R WELCOME TO PUT ALL VIDZZZ...^^

    • Created: 11 years ago
    • Updated: 3 years ago
    • Videos: 43
    • Members: 171
    • Discussions: 48
  • anime/manga lovers

    anime/manga lovers

    Manager: animelover398

    Get into my group!!! and you can have lots of Fun!!! with lots of anime and manga!!! and we well know each other better!!

    • Created: 11 years ago
    • Updated: 5 years ago
    • Videos: 28
    • Members: 169
    • Discussions: 32
  • Code Geass Fan Group

    Code Geass Fan Group

    Manager: Urahara92

    This is a group dedicated to Code Geass

    • Created: 11 years ago
    • Updated: 8 years ago
    • Videos: 11
    • Members: 168
    • Discussions: 174
  • Veoh Friends and Anime

    Veoh Friends and Anime

    Manager: DarkDamsel

    This is a group for my friends on veoh so I can keep in touch with them and to discuss ANIME!! Please enjoy and join!! Since I really want this to be a friendly atmosphere please refrain from swearing or content that is offensive. If you'd like to friends just add me

    • Created: 11 years ago
    • Updated: 7 years ago
    • Videos: 18
    • Members: 159
    • Discussions: 47
  • Romance/Comedy Anime

    Romance/Comedy Anime

    Manager: SakuraMitsuki0...

    This is a group for anyone that LOVES romance and comedy anime!! you can watch, discuss, and add romance and comedy anime and movies too! A great way to make new friends and suggest good romance and comedy anime to watch!

    • Created: 11 years ago
    • Updated: 4 weeks ago
    • Videos: 10
    • Members: 159
    • Discussions: 27
  • shinobi


    Manager: animefreako7

    This group(clan really) is all about anime and video games! but if u wanna talk about sumthin else(life,problems,funny things) we wont knock ya so..come join!

    • Created: 11 years ago
    • Updated: 3 years ago
    • Videos: 9
    • Members: 158
    • Discussions: 115


    Manager: animefreako7

    Come here if u wanna watch soul eater! ill get all the eps as fast as i can! and sry if im incompetant!ill try as hard as i can!! gambate mase!!!! but yea anyway, please join!!! ike ike ike!!!! together we can talk about soul eater and stuff like dat so........IKOUZE!!!!!!!!

    • Created: 11 years ago
    • Updated: 8 years ago
    • Videos: 1
    • Members: 154
    • Discussions: 61
  • Anime and Manga L-O-V-E!

    Anime and Manga L-O-V-E!

    Manager: hitzoo

    This group is for all the romance that happens in all your fave animes! Such as Inuyasha and Kagome from inuyasha ,or Chiyuki and Touya from millennium snow. Any type of romance love triangle in any manga or anime thats what this group is for! Invite your friends to join too!!

    • Created: 11 years ago
    • Updated: 4 years ago
    • Videos: 12
    • Members: 150
    • Discussions: 19
  • Anime Destiny

    Anime Destiny

    Manager: asahina20

    Add any anime video u want and also feel free to start any Discussions u want to.

    • Created: 11 years ago
    • Updated: 4 weeks ago
    • Videos: 23
    • Members: 149
    • Discussions: 20

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